X-Scalant 200P
X-Scalant 200P
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X-Scalant 200P

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(NW1053AC) Organic Descaling & Rust Removing Agent for Heat Exchangers (Liquid Type)

  • Organic based acid
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor, which prevent metal pitting or corroded
  • Concentrated - can be dilute 1 - 9 parts of water
Features & Benefits
  • Tailor made to remove deposit scale on heat transfer surface
  • Effectively remove scale, metal oxide and rust
  • Safe and easy to be handle
  • Safe to environment and is easily biodegradable
Uses & Applications
  • Heat exchanger, robotic welding cooling system, and plastic mold cooling system
  • Closed circulations system
  • Suitable use in food indutries
How to use
  • Dissolve X-Scalant 200P in warm water at 1 part per 9 partof water. The higher the temperature, require less X-Scalant 200P
  • Apply with Nextchemie CIP circulation system
  • Recommendation temperature is at 50 to 60 deg of Celsius
  • Allow product to be circulate for 2 to 6 hours depending on scale condition
  • Reaction with scale may cause carbon dioxide release and cause forming. If heavy forming occurs, add Nexchemie Defoamer
  • Ensure pH NEVER exceeded 2.5. If more than pH 2.5, add more X-Scalant 200P
  • Once reach the required hours, empty the equipment and rinse with clean water to neutralize the equipment surface
  • Neutralize the CIP using Nexchemie Neutralize
  • Dilution rate : - minimum dosage : 1 : 9 parts of wate
  •                         - removes rust : 1 : 4 parts of water
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