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  • A clolourless, flammable liquid with a characteristic alcoholic odor
  • Completely miscible with most solvents, including water
  • Suitable for acrylic and epoxy resins. ethyl cellulose, natural resins, gums, polyvinyl butyral, alkaloids and some essential oils
  • A cleaning solvent which is internationally approved to standards required by the major electronics manufacturers
  • Designed for use where the application of CFC based solvents is undesirable
  • Clean thoroughly all electronic equipment
  • Safe to use on most plastics
  • 100% ozone friendly
Features & Benefits
  • Less odor
  • Fast drying
  • Compatible with metal like aluminum, magnesium and copper
  • Excellent permeability and dispersion multipurpose cleaner
  • Clean up oil, finger mark, flux and PCB
      Uses & Applications
          • Clean metal parts from machine
          • Industrial equipment in automotive industries
          • QA equipment and ventilator 
          • It widely used to replace thinner to clean: 
                   a) Cleaning of machine parts
                  b) Removal of heavy soils, adhesives, sealants and oils
                  c) Metal surface preparation and cleaning prior to paint
                  d) Composite surface preparation and cleaning prior to paint
                  e) Tool cleaning used in composite fabrication and painting
                  f)  Cleans thoroughly to a perfectly dry and residue free surface
                  g) Removes contamination from PCBs
                  h) Highly effective and economic to use
        How to use
        • Using dipping /rinsing /spraying/pre saturated wipe method than follow by drying process
        Approval & Conformities
        • ASTM A770
        Packaging  Price
        18 Litres /Tin MYR0.00 /Tin
        200 Litres /Drum MYR0.00 /Drum