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(NW1002NU) Neutral Wash : Industrial Laundry Detergent

  • An neutral-based Laundry with additives that are able to remove grease, oils & dirt on Industrial fabric
  • Smoothing laundry cloth when dry
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Conforms to REACH
Features & Benefits
  • Free from LAS and pH neutral
  • Good detergency even with hard water
  • Does not contain Caustic
  • Contains no artificial dyes
Uses & Applications

  • Industrial Garment, Linen, Polyester or Cotton
How to use
  • It can be applied by either spraying, brushing swabbing or even scrubbing
  • It can work with industrial washing machine
  • Wash for 30 – 40 minute before rinse with water
  • Best practice is to soak with NW 19 Neutral Wash for 5 minute before wash with machine
  • Dilution Rates :
  • Light Wash : 1 gram per liter of water
  • Heavy soil : 4 gram per liter of water
    20 Litres/Pail MYR 0.00/ pail