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(NW1015SV) Paint Coating Removal/Stripping (Methylene Chloride Based-Gel Type)

  • Gel type paint stripper
  • Strong permeability resulting fast removing painted surface
  • Quick Exfoliation
  • Safe to all metal
Features & Benefits
  • Gel which help it to cling surface and help on exfoliate vertical surface
  • No dropdown, making surrounding clean
  • Compatible with metal like aluminum, magnesium and copper
Uses & Applications
  • Used on removal of gasket and paint
  • Used to exfoliation of enamel, lacquer, varnish and epoxy resin
  • Remove adhesive mark, carbonates of casting in injection machine and carbon residue
How to use
  • Using dipping or spraying method on the target surface.
  • Wait for few minute for chemical to penetrate surface.
  • If blister appear, scrap with scraper or wait until the surface loose.
  • Rinse with spray jet water
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