SP-500 Antispatter Agent

SP-500 Antispatter Agent

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(5013) SP-500

  • Excellent durability and applicability
  • Quick drying and high spread
  • Increase a productivity through a quality improvement, cost, reduction and working environment improvement
Features & Benefits
  • Temporary anti-rusting effects
  • No adverse effects to welding
  • No harm to human body
  • Low odour and high workability
Uses & Applications
  • Anti-Spatter agent only for iron and nonferrous metals
    How To Use
    • Clean the surface to be applied before use.

    • Apply it thinly and evenly by using spray or brush before welding.

    • Do welding immediately after apply is no problem. However, it is more effective to do welding after dried somewhat.

    Packaging Price
    18litres/ pail MYR 627.00/ pail