Sur-Check A1000
Sur-Check A1000
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Sur-Check A1000

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(NW1004SV) Checking, Washing and Safety Solvent

  • Safe solvent for checking & washing
  • Less odor and low VOC
  • Minimum odor & environmentally safe
  • Safe to all metal and most plastic & rubber
  • Conforms to REACH & RoHS regulations
Features & Benefits
  • Using wipe by “Two hand method”
  • Cling to surface and stay uniformity without wastage
  • Easy water washable and rinsing
  • Won’t cause corrosion to white car body or metal
  • Easy to dry
Uses & Applications
  • Mainly used as cheacking unevenness of metal surface through light reflection in automotive industries
  • It designs to replace high VOC solvent
  • It also works as cleaner or remove oil, dust, particles, grease entertrained and marking at stamped part before degreasing and painting line
  • Able to visualized and detected any of small defects on the white car body like dent or bump
How to use
  • Using solvent resistant wipes and sponge by soaking into the Sur-Check A1000 and apply it by wiping on the objects. (Visualization check and detection)
  • Surface preparation and washing solvent by using "Two-Hand Method"
    18 Liters/Tin MYR 0.00/ Tin