WeldKleen SS03H
WeldKleen SS03H
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WeldKleen SS03H

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(NW1004AC) WELDKLEEN SS03H - Stainless Steel Scale Remover & Passivator (Paste Type)

  • Remove black oxide marks left by stainless steel burn marking.
  • Pickling & Passivation - Achieved in One Step.
  • Conform to ASTM A380-06 Standard.
  • Almost odorless.
  • HALAL Certified
Features & Benefits
  • Effectively remove rust, oxide, corrosion, and weld staining and burn welding mark.
  • Easy removal by water rinsable.
  • Remove free iron from stainless steel the surface.
  • Suitable for large material that difficult to immerse.
  • Gel from solution can be used on vertical surface, preventing of streamdown after application, reduce wastage.
Uses & Applications
  • Stainless Steel 304 or 316 surface.
  • Vessel and airplanes, fabrication, welding industries.
  • Food tank, medicine reaction tank, cosmetic reaction tank, etc.
  • Cleaning & flushing stainless steel equipment and structures.
How To Use
  • Remove the foreign substances and oil contamination on the target objects with Nexchemie X-1 Multi Purpose Water Based Solvent Degreaser.
  • Apply WeldKleen SS03H on target object, leave for 20min ~ 45mins and clean with brush followed by water rinsing.
  • Scrubbing with a sponge, scouring pad or brush.
  • Neutralize the rinse water with Neutralizer.
Packaging Price
1 kg/ Bottle MYR 49.00/ Bottle
20 kgs/ Pail MYR 780.00/ Pail